Authors (especially you self-publishers!), businesses (not related to publishing), and other individuals can contact me through the form located here. Please fill out each field as fully as you can so I can get a picture of what you need. Publishers, editorial agencies, and agents, please contact me via email to discuss your needs and rates.

Line Editing 
This line-by-line fine-tuning of your manuscript involves a look at word usage and choice, clarity and consistency, and sentence-level construction. I rearrange words and tighten up sentences, all while keeping your voice intact and ensuring every word counts. Doesn’t include passage rewriting, structural edits, or grammar and spelling corrections (although I will flag anything really obvious). $.020 per word/minimum $55

Copy Editing
This is a check for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax. I’ll also ensure consistency in spelling, numbering, and capitalization. I also check spellings of proper nouns and keep track of any inconsistencies in details. $.017 per word/minimum $50

The last step—polishing! I scrutinize your text-only document for errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling. For text only, the fee is $.015 per word/minimum $40. If you have complete page proofs (as a PDF), I perform the above proofreading tasks in addition to checking layout, graphics, captions, page numbers, etc. Because this type of proofread is more time-intensive than text-only, the fee is a flat $40 per hour/minimum $40.

“Translation” of UK English into US English
Just what it sounds like! I will edit your work to adhere to US writing conventions. This includes spelling and punctuation as well as word choice, idioms, colloquialisms, and maybe some other stuff I haven’t thought of yet. Also includes tasks outlined under copy editing. $.025 per word

Other Services — prices determined on a case-by-case basis
Slush pile assistance — includes a detailed editorial letter for each manuscript.
– Sensitivity reading — email me for subjects.
– Research.
– Fact checking.
– Indexing.
– Cover or flap copy.
– Style sheet creation.
– Agent research — I compile a contact list of four agents who may be a good fit for your manuscript.
– Publicity materials for books: pitch letters and press releases. 

Business Matters
– I strive to keep my rates reasonable. My prices are commensurate with my education, skills, and experience. I must also consider self-employment matters, such as business taxes (which can be up to 30% of a freelancer’s annual income), supplies, and health insurance.
– Before I begin, I’ll give you an estimate (always subject to change if unforeseen challenges arise), 50 percent of which is due prior to commencing work.
– If you decide to work with me, I’ll send you a contract to sign.
– All of my work is done electronically.
– I’ll do a complimentary sample line edit and/or copy edit or proofread for up to 1,000 words

Don’t wait! Contact me today.

Madyda Editorial
Quality Assurance for the Written Word