As mediator between author and intended audience, I guide authors through the process of shaping their manuscript into something spectacular. I appreciate the time and energy (both physical and emotional) writers put into their craft and am dedicated to keeping the narrative voice intact while rearranging words and tightening up sentences.

I believe in a collaborative approach to editing. This means I offer my professional opinion on what I think needs changing, but it also means the client can decide whether or not to accept or reject my changes. I will back up all changes and suggestions with a reason.

Because I don’t currently offer developmental editing, it’s important that prospective clients have completed any “big picture” developmental edits before presenting their work to me—I’ll do the fine-tuning and polishing. I offer a complimentary sample copy edit or proofread of up to 1,000 words

Be good to yourself and your hard work. Contact me through the form located here for more information.


Madyda Editorial
Quality Assurance for the Written Word

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